OOO "Tatneft Trade and Technology House" was established in March 2001 as a structural division centralizing marketing of the products of JSC TATNEFT’s enterprises.

The main task of the Trade and Technology House is a comprehensive system of organizing production, marketing and promotion of the products of the TATNEFT Group both inside the Russian Federation and in foreign markets.

The basis of the Trade and Technology House  activities is:

  • promotion and sale of the products of JSC TATNEFT’s companies and production plants;
  • Marketing of scientific and technical products yielded by the structural divisions of JSC TATNEFT at  the level and in line with the Company’s strategy;
  • Identification of the market needs and their comparison with the range of the products manufactured at JSC TATNEFT’s enterprises in order to expand or switch over to the production of competitive products.

The Trade and Technology House offers:

Metal/plastic steel pipes, fiberglass pipes, anticorrosive steel pipes (PPT), steel pipes with internal cement/sand coating and external polyethylene insulation (ZPP), steel pipes with external polymeric insulation, polyurethane insulated pipes and fittings to them, specialized equipment on the chassis of Kamaz, Ural, Gaz and  Kraz vehicles, cable products, engineering products and overhaul of the construction equipment as well as oilfield,  drilling and geology-prospecting equipment and relative spare parts, oil refining and petrochemical products and other various products.